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    Chemical Information: CAS NO.: 20320-59-6 Product Name: Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate Molecular formula: C15H18O5 Molecular Weight: 278.30000 Alias: Phenylacetylmalonic acid ethylester phenylacetyl-malonic acid diethyl ester Phenylacetyl-malonsaeure-diaethylester...
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    whatsapp/wechat/telegram: +8615383992253 Wickr:anniety Email: [email protected] Facebook/Skype:+8615383992253 Contact me, you will get good products, good price, good service. Our main product list : Amphotericin B cas 1397-89-3 1-Phenyl cas 705-60-2 new bmk powder cas 80532-66-7 new bmk...
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    通用名称 (苯乙酰)丙二酸二乙酯 CAS编号20320-59-6 分子式 C15H18O5 分子量 278.30000 精确质量 278.11500 PSA 69.67000 P 1.54060
1-3 of 3 Results