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Hello all! Merry Xmas!
My 2016 Sonata 2.4L has been having electrical issues specifically with a flickering battery light, the EPS system locking up and then no crank no start. Let the vehicle set for a few minutes then starts up.
Previous owner replaced the alternator 8 months before I bought it. It is a genuine Hyundai alternator pulled from vehicle with rear end damage. Said did not fix issue and he also replaced with proper battery.
The symptoms seem to be an electrical short causing battery light to flicker and and of course abs codes for low voltage and speed sensors going crazy. Also noticed the blower motor speed reduced when the battery light comes on. Removed the knee bolster to check for EPS wires possibly rubbing on brackets or column but see nothing obvious. Though when I attempted to get my big self out from under the dash I accidentally pushed the brake pedal and then the blower speed immediately increased, battery light went out and all was good. Turned car off and tried to restart no crank no start. Starter itself is clicking as though no amperage from battery.
Long story short, I waited and it started right up like 10 min later. Battery light on again, tried to duplicate with brake pedal, no dice. Touched the accelerator and ta-da! Battery light out full power again and running fine. Tried to stop and restart , once again no crank.
Do I have a ground issue?
thank you for reading through 😎
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