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Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, I am sorry to join this way, but, I have a 2005 Sonata gl with the 2.4 4 cyl engine, I live in Arizona, my car died on the road and would not start, got towed to a shop and they said my crank sensor was bad, timing belt, crank sensor, a adjuster/tensioner was replaced, a sensor plate cover? and other belts were replaced. I drove the car home fine, this morning i went to a home depot, car died on the way home, as of right now, the car is sitting in front of a "very nice" familys house here in AZ, I told the home owners what I had just gone through with the repair, they are super awesome to let me leave it there on 9-11-11, I had the car back in less than 23 hours, same thing as it went in for, I am completely pissed off with the shop, I told them on the phone, i thought it was the fuel pump, turned a corner and started to accelerate, it coughed hard, then sputtered, it would barely start again, They "said" they pulled a code po338 from it, thats funny, I never seen the service engine light come on, I am 9 hours away from calling them, Im pretty upset! I look on my bill tonight, I was charged for a timing belt, 2 serpentine belts and 2 other belts, unless I am wrong, there should be 1 serpentine belt on it, This is my first hyundai, i love the car, feel like i have been screwed! Is there a bad fuel pump relay? Please help me or advise? Thanks everyone!
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