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What would you do

  • Replace fuel pump for at least $1k

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  • Let it go below 1/4 tank and see if the issue reoccurs possibly risking breakdown but a local one

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  • Use only premium gas and sea foam

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  • Bring to Hyundai dealership and have them scope for $$

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  • Nothing - Take chance on driving remote but carry sea foam and not below 1/4 tank

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Hi - I have a 13 Sonata Hybrid Limited that when going uphill at speed sometimes (not always) seems to hesitate/shudder a little. This has been happening for almost 2 years and last Summer when on a long distance trip when the tank was about down to 1/4 it started to do the hesitation/shudder and lose power. It got worse and worse and the check engine light came on and I think it went into limp mode as it wouldn't go over 20 mph I think. It was a town of 200 people and I filled it up with gas and they read my code and it said it was missing on cylinders 2 and 4. Having no where to get it fixed (in remote ND) I started it up and the light cleared and it seemed to be largely ok (still did the slight hesitation) and didn't shift perfectly smooth but not horrible. Then about 60 miles later I topped it off with premium and a can of Sea Foam and the car was like brand new! I was driving through the Black Hills and it shifted and performed amazingly well.
Fast forward to today (9 months later)I got a OBD reader and there are no error codes at all. When I'm traveling at high speeds on the freeway (70 to 85) I "think" I can notice the hesitation/shudder but not sure. It does seem to be worse if the gas is below and I try to not go below a quarter any more as I think it really struggles then but I don't really want to test it.
My mechanic said it might be a fuel pump and they'll replace it for $1k but no guarantees that's what's happening. I love my Sonata and intend to keep it and drive back to ND so very remote driving. What would you do - poll attached!
Thanks Sonata Friends!
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