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There were a couple people on this forum like 12 years ago whom had built a 500hp 4g64 sonata, and I am wondering if those people can give me a hand on my build.

I have a 5 speed 2.4 facelift ef and have a few obstacles in the planning of said build.

1st off, to achieve 400 wheel, I already am aware that it would take injectors, cams, turbo kit, and possibly a new crank with oil squirters, for that I know. But, to achieve such power, I would think I need a stronger trans, clutch and possibly a driveshaft. Does anyone know the about power that the stock 5 speed starts to disagree? And, if it starts to break up prior to 250 foot pounds, is there any stronger transmissions that i can cross reference or just simply buy?

2nd, do I have to get a piggyback, or a ecu, for the build? Boost by gear sounds quite fun but if I don't need a ecu for the build then that would be absolutely perfect.

Thanks for your time.
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