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Hey guys:
I'm still a n00b to Sonata's but wanted to see if someone can advise.
I have a 2006 Sonata v6 with 60K miles. Not sure if I am being paranoid but I hear a subtle noise coming from what seems like the rear suspension when I brake at slow speeds. Everything sounds ok going over bumps/during normal driving. At first I thought something in my trunk was moving around but there is nothing in the trunk and the spare and jack are pretty snug. I looked underneath the car and everything seems perfect... when pushing the car down I hear what seems to be normal suspension sound. Brakes, rotors and pads seem to have plenty of life left.
Not sure if I am just hearing what was already there... I did miss a speed bump recently and went over it at higher than usual speed.

Any suggestions on what I can look for to isolate or determine what the problem might be?
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