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Hello all,

I am very interested in a Sonata, which I will be seeing over the weekend. It is a one-owner-family owned car, with 31k miles on it, for $6,900. If the car is reliable (and I read that it is), and if potential repair costs are low, then I believe that it would be a good buy.

I have one concern at the moment. If anything were to happen to a 2006 V6 Sonata, would the repair costs be high? My concern is part availability if the car is relatively rare. I'm assuming that it would be cheaper to repair a Honda or Toyota of the same year and class because those cars are more common. Is this the case?

I'm in the market for a used very low mileage car that will last me 150k+ with competitive repair costs (comparable to other cars in its class) if anything were to go wrong with it. Is a 2006 V6 Sonata costly to repair?

Thank you.
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