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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any details about the wiring colors/pinout for the connector that plugs into the rear right door lock actuator for 2007 Sonata? I have the Chilton manual for the car and the instructions I dug up for the window regulator from Dorman which I am replacing.

I've already had to replace the rear left window regulator over 4 years ago and didn't have any issues. In the process of getting the rear right regulator now, I managed to poorly prop the regulator panel while reaching for something, and the panel slid causing 2 wires to jerk lose from the electrical connector at the door lock actuator.

The Chilton manual only has the electrical schematic that is somewhat helpful, but doesn't really explain if the placement of wires in the diagram is the way those are arranged in the electrical connector. Also, my wires do not have the exact same colors, but similar.

What I have (oriented the way it plugs into actuator, see attached pic): 20201211_153732.jpg
4-wire connector with top 2 wires pulled out of place, not sure which one belongs in which spot
Those 2 wires are black and white/orange

Pink wire in the 3rd spot on connector
Brown wire at bottom of connector

What the chilton book shows:

resistor-brown/orange wire to door unlock relay
motor-pink/black wire to door lock relay
unlock-white/orange wire to body control module
lock-black wire to ground

Access to the actuator is a bit difficult as I tried to probe the contacts to determine what the likely connections were, but I really can't reach that good enough with it in place. The black wire that I managed to pull lose goes to ground with very little resistance (<1 ohm).

I have have several thoughts about how to figure this out but keep going back to the one where I hope not to short anything by connecting in incorrectly.

Does anyone have pictures or knowledge of what wire belongs where on this connector? I have not been able to find any pics online that are similar, and even trying to by this pig-tail section of wiring from ebay turns up ones that don't even resemble this in shape, color or number of wires.

Would it be safe for me to just plug the connector into the actuator with only the 2 existing wires connected (I know this part is ok) but then poke the black wire into one of the two slots the wires pulled out from then try to operate the lock switch to see if this actuator reacts? Maybe when the ground is in the right place it will operate in one direction (lock).

Any ideas, suggestions, or shared experience with this is greatly appreciated.

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