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Hi Everyone,

I just purchased an 09 Sonata GLS V6 with 87k. The front struts are ok, but have a little bounce to them. I want to replace them but am told there are only one set to fit the I4 And V6 models. I would be willing to settle for the OEM if need be but would like to get some that will give my car just a little more responsiveness around corners without trying to make it into a race car. I have tried many local autoparts stores as well as dealers and keep coming up with different answers. I just want to order something that will not only fit but give me a little better handling than the original struts had. I used to have an 07 SE with 17 inch allow rims and this has 16 inch steel wheels and this car does not corner near as well. I know some of it has to do with the tires but I can't help but think the struts might be partly to blame. Any help would be very appriciated.


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