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2011 GLE

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Hello all. Recently received a 2011 Sonata from my stepdaughter. As a Christmas present my wife gave her 2017 Charger to my stepdaughter and the. We took her car. My wife wants to get a new car so she figured we'll keep the Sonata for a spare car and mainly drive mine and use the Sonata for work commutes and such until she decides on getting a car.

So with the new car we inherited a slew of issues. The daughter is pretty young so hasn't maintained the car very well. We had to replace the water pump, valve cover was leaking oil, hood struts have failed, new tires, and pretty sure it's leaking coolant from somewhere else.

So far hasn't been the most positive experience with the car but it is quite old so guess that's to be expected. We will probably just fix it and keep it for our other kids to drive.

But anyway hello from a new member
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Owned a 2011 Sonata for 10 years and had no problems. All cars deteriorate with poor maintenance. Remember, this is a 12 year old car. I know folks with Toyota Camrys that begin to experience repair issues about this time.

Hopefully, repairing these issues will get you a reliable car.

Don't mean to be a Cassandra, but Google "Sonata engine problems," if you haven't already. There was a class action lawsuit involving the 2.4 Theta II engine. Your dealer will be able to tell you if you qualify for the extended warranty. (A knock sensing software update needs to be installed to qualify for the warranty, so make sure that was done.)

The 2011 Sonata is a good looking, comfortable and efficient car. Be aware of potential engine problems
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