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Hi guys,
I bought a 2011 Sonata SE with 66k miles on it from the dealer(clean carfax). I am liking it very much. I have no words its amazing. There are just two small issues
1.) one of twenty times when i use left right turn signal indicators headlights turn off for a second and turn back on. Please suggest if you think there is any small component that i need to replace.
2.) Usually i keep it in AUTO mode but when i try to turn the stick between fog lamps and low beams it flickers the blue light on my dashboard (inside the car). i don't know if it is normal.

I just bought these bulbs waiting for the shipment. I really don't know if these bulbs are reliable.
2 x Philips Diamond Vision 5000K H7 Ultimate White Light US Location | eBay

2 x Philips Diamond Vision 5000K H8 US Location | eBay

Please help me with these issues with your advice. Thanks.
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