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Greetings From Shanghai.

Down here we're limited to the 2.0 NA and the 2.4 (no turbo)
So I got the 2.0 GLX/GLS model, mods so far are (supposed) lowering, 19x8.5 all round Window tint all around (front aswell since its legal here with a mirrorish type finish) and that about it.

Body kit is on order and awaiting it to arrive from Korea, full kit including a custom made wing (god that thing gave me ALOT of trouble) also custom made LED marker/signal lamps (awaiting install since the initial kit was defective T.T) and thats about it.

Have other plans for it but wont get into too much detail since pictures are worth more than words when it comes down to it haha~

In regards to why the **** is someone from Shanghai here? well im Canadian and live down here actually, so I kinda am stuck here lol. And the reason why I got the YF is because there are TONS of aftermarket parts available for it.... even though its a new car.... which is pretty awesome~~~~

instead of double posting pics of the car as it is now, I have some pics posted in the wheel setup thread~

Hope to be here awhile... unless I get flamed for god knows what reason lol.
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