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2012 Sonata Hybrid Warning

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Steps Taken
Replaced the engine wiring harness per the dealers instructions = Did not fix issue

Went back to the Dealership. Told me it needed the hybrid relay. = Did not fix the issue. I had also replaced the fuse with the same results. The 12 volt battery was also replace.

Worked great on 7 short trips. Took it on a longer trip and it worked great. Stopped at the store and when I left it did it again.

I was able to make it home. Acted like it was in a low power mode and had about 1/2 the hybrid battery for most of the trip. The last 1/8-1/4 mile the hybrid batter drained to almost nothing.

What else can cause this issue? Is there a computer for the hybrid system? Is there another relay?

The engine is still running, it was replaced about 10k miles ago.

In the morning I will run the code checker and make sure the 12v batter is charged.

I do not want to take it back to the dealer, they have no clue!
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