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Hyundai has just released pricing and details for its 2013 Sonata midsize sedan, giving the car a larger lithium-polymer battery pack for added mpg, and lopping $200 of its price tag compared to the 2012 model.

The fuel efficiency bump brings the combined mpg of the Sonata Hybrid up to 38, while highway and city driving are rated at 40 (again) and 36 respectively. The new numbers come courtesy of a larger 10.5 kW hybrid starter generator, a higher output electric motor, and a new 47 kW lithium polymer battery pack. Combined with the Sonata’s 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, the total output of the car is 206 hp, which runs through a six-speed automatic transmission.

Maximizing all-electric driving is another improved feature of the Sonata, which uses new driving pattern detection and engine on/off logic to use less fuel overall. The Sonata Hybrid can be operated at speeds up to 75 mph in all-electric mode, when the gas motor will decouple from the transmission thanks to a clutch, also helping to improve fuel mileage.
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