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Due to a power failure at home, i charged my phone and a portable battery charger with the ignition off for a few hours, resulting in draining my battery.

When I tried to start the car this morning, the alarm (lights and horn) went off. I tried turning the key on and off and also unlocking and locking the door several times to no avail. (I no longer have a FOB).

I called the nearby Hyundai service dept and they were not much help. They told me to lock and unlock the door several times, but that did not stop the alarm.

I went online and was able to turn off the alarm by using the key to turn the accessories on, and the alarm stopped after 30 seconds, but went back on again as soon as I opened the door.

I disconnected the negative battery terminal for several minutes several times, but when I reconnected it, the alarm went back on.

QUESTION: If I try to jump start the car, will the car start and the alarm system reset??? ( the alarm is factory installed, and I could not find a relay or a fuse for the alarm system.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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