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Hello All...

I apppreciate all yalls hard worked for experience and guidance. I joined today because Im helping a friend. She has done her best to describe what happened when things went sideways in her car and I will try to pass that on with what Im seeing and hearing.

Just to say - she signed me up because she nows I work on cars. I have 3 old Jaguars and a Porsche 928 I have restored and am restoring. Love it! I find myself working on cars WAAAAY to much, lol. But, what else is there to do? ya know? So I am familar with the work,,, just not the Sonata, so I thought I would tap into yalls expertise.

Basically, to me, from what I have observed and what I have read, it seems like the tensioners and guides have given up the ghost. I here clapping and tapping from the side of the chains and belt, the car is running weak and it aint right. Smartly, she has not driven the car. One by one ive disconnected the coils and i get a noticable change in rpms. I have put my hand on the intake right up front and I dont feel heat is going into them as if hot exhaust was being blowing back do to valve problems.

I didnt have a compression tester with me in my first look,,, and Im wondering, is there any sure fire test I can run to know for sure whether valves are bent (is it an interference engine?) or not and whether its the timing chain...? I will test for compression of course.

Will I absolutly need that special tool to lock the ring gear to retime things or is there a method yall have discovered that works just as well?

Which way first guys?
Need all the help I can get here.
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