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I have a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T and, it seems this car is not equipped with the turn signals that also act as running lights. I want this feature and would like to know if this is a simple thing to enable or will this require more in depth work? I've looked up photos of the 2015 sonata and saw one for the limited model that has the option with turn signals that are also running lights. The reason I want this is, I have some switchback LEDS that I got for my old accent from the same year and they work fine but the car does not use the running light feature so they only work as turn signals.

This is the same for the regular halogen style bulbs that came with the car. I was thinking that if I swapped my headlamps to another trim of sonata that has this feature, it would potentially work? I feel this is something that the headlights are specifically designed to have as a feature depending on trim level. Ive attached photos of this model car with the running lights working in the turn signals and one with what mine looks like. I tried unplugging my DRLs in the bumper to no avail.

Looking for advice. If all else, I am thinking I could jump some wires that power the side marker lights to the turn signal wiring to enable this feature myself but don't want to dive into splicing wires without checking other avenues first.
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