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Hello everybody. This is my first time posting or joining a sonata forum. All help is appreciated. I own a 2015 sonata sport 2.4L. It’s a great car and has been in my family since new. The car had a complete engine overhaul 70,000 miles ago from Hyundai and now has 169,000. Hyundai actually backed the 10yr/100,000 warranty and replaced the engine when a sensor went at 99,000 miles and it sizzled. I live in northeast Pennsylvania. The roads are terrible with huge potholes everywhere and it’s a nightmare on vehicles. I’m an a-tech and specialize in collision repair. I plan on doing a complete suspension overhaul all the way around the car because I’ve replaced one rear hub already and the car is riding rough. The other rear hub needs replaced now. Thankfully I’ve already dealt with the emergency brake side. I’ve been trying to find a suspension overhaul kit for this vehicle on rock auto and car id. Nothing. Each sigh was to sell all the suspension parts individually. Anyone have recommendations for me? OEM prices are crazy as the complete parts list from Hyundai dealership was $8,000 for all suspension parts and that includes springs not loaded. Which I prefer. I can load them myself but it’s a major pain. Please send
recommendations. Thanks.
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