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2016 2.4 L4 aftermarket

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Hello my name is Alec and I own out right a 2016 Hyundai sonata base model 2.4 L4 70,865 miles on it. I'm looking to get the motor freshened up here shortly but when putting on new parts instead of getting OEM I was looking to get as much aftermarket parts as possible. Intake manifold, throttle body, valve cover, exhaust manifolds etc. What are my choices or best fits!? I know the car is new to the aftermarket side of things and it's not the 2.0t but I would like to spice the car up. I do all the work on my cars and trucks and this is a new one for me as it has more computers and sensors then I can keep up with but I look forward to it thank yall have a blessed one.

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