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What issues have you had with the 2018 Sonata

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My wife and I are looking to replace our 2013 Camry and are preparing to purchase a vehicle for long-term use as we have NO plans to sell this next car.
We love our Camry and have had zero problems over the past 5 years of ownership.
We recently made a decision to replace the Camry with a model that includes some more convenient features - some of which aren't even offered on current Camry models and yet we would still like to maintaining the knowledge that there is a very small chance that anything major will go wrong with it.

Our goal is to have this next purchase be something our kids can use when they grow up, especially our eldest who will be driving in about 5-7 years.

Our main prospect has been 2013-2018 Honda Accords, however I have been a HUGE fan of the interior design, simple layout, and tech features offered from Hyundai in the Sonata. I had originally looked at this model but was somewhat deterred by a glance at consumer reports as it gave a decent indication that the engine, part of the transmission and some other parts are likely to fail or experience issues.

Unfortunately I can't fully rely on consumer reports and need to keep digging and research more. But it does beg the question of whether or not any issues are more likely to arise if I take the Sonata route. If it were a couple small problems here and there, like the windshield wiper stops working or the door window motor seizes up i wouldn't think much of it. But when I start seeing items like Engine and Transmission it definitely invites me to seek out more data. So I figured I would try and get some input from some of the current owners before I even think of dropping 15-20 grand, let alone actually going through with that purchase. And currently i feel as though i can't buy a Sonata with the same confidence I would with a Japanese model.

I'm not here to debate the reliability of Honda or Toyota for the matter in contrast to Hyundai.
Because even though Toyota and Honda seem to have more solidified reputation for reliability I know there are consumers who don't like either brand and that's not what this inquiry is about.
For me it's not even so much about brand loyalty or whether Consumer Reports or any other website can be trusted it's simply about facts and answers directly from the owner. I want to give Hyundai the opportunity to gain another consumer, especially since they provide a visually attractive offering in the mid-size segment. But as anyone in the prospect of a vehicle purchase i want to make a educated and well-informed decision - especially if i switch to a brand I've never owned.

Granted, the 2018 model is only a few years old so there may not be a well-rounded understanding of what parts are known to fail. Even so, it's still better than buying a '21 or '22 ANYTHING as no consumer has had mid/long term ownership.

All that being said,
Have any 2018 Owners experienced any issues with their Sonata and if so, to what degree.
I'm hoping to get a decent number of responses for a more accurate understanding of this model year.

I am also aware that manufactures often reuse Transmissions and Engines in previous or following models years. So if you know that your engine or transmission...etc. was used in the 2018 Sonata - chime in.


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