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I am having a couple of INFOTAINMENT System issues:

1. I have successfully paired my iPhone 6S to my Sonata via Bluetooth. Next, per the Infotainment System instructions, I enabled the Notifications setting using the Bluetooth setting on my phone and I checked the Message Notification box in the Infotainment System. However, I am not getting any text notifications via the Infotainment System. By the way, I am not using CarPlay at all, I am just connecting using Bluetooth. I have the latest version of iOS installed on my iPhone. I do not know if I have the latest Infotainment System software or firmware and I do not know how to check it nor update it.

2. My next question is about using both my iPhone 6S and my iPod Touch at the same time via the Infotainment System’s Bluetooth settings and having my settings SAVED by the Infotainment System. I successfully paired my iPhone to my Sonata via Bluetooth. Next, I successfully paired my iPod Touch to my Sonata via Bluetooth. I made the iPhone my primary Bluetooth device and the iPod the secondary Bluetooth device in the Infotainment System. I selected Handsfree Calling on the iPhone and did NOT select Audio Streaming (I do not usually play any music that is on my iPhone while I am driving; I play either the radio or the iPod Touch). Next, I selected Audio Streaming on the iPod Touch and did NOT select Handsfree Calling on the iPod Touch. So far, so good. I can make and receive iPhone calls via the Infotainment System and I can listen to music on the iPod Touch through the Infotainment System. However, when I turn the car off and turn it back on, the songs on the iPhone start playing, rather than songs on the iPod Touch! Also, the settings in the Infotainment System for the iPhone have been CHANGED to having both Handsfree Calling and Audio Streaming selected (I did not make this change). The settings on the iPod Touch remain unchanged. Note: I tried making the iPod Touch the primary and the iPhone 6S the secondary, but when I do that, my iPhone contacts are not loaded and calls do not ring to the Infotainment System.

Any ideas on how to fix these issues? Please know that, other than my Infotainment System issues, I am LOVING the car! It has a solid ride and is fun to drive!
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