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Hello. I am new to the Sonata forum, and am looking for help in troubleshooting a problem with my daughter-in-law's '06 Sonata.

Whenever my daughter-in-law or son start the car, shortly afterwards, the radio and A/C turn off at the same time. After only a few seconds they both come back on.

My first guess is that it may be the relay, so I helped my son switch the A/C relay with the horn relay. We just did this yesterday, so I am waiting to hear from them if this fixed the problem. But, while we are giving it time to see if this was a fix, I wanted to see if those with more experience with the Sonata could help.

Has anyone had any experience with this same problem? If yes, what did you find was the cause? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know how great of a resource forums like this can be. I get a lot of help for my car from the Outback forum. Thanks in advance for taking the time to review my question.
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