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AC issues

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Hey all, new poster here. It's good to be here and I hope to get a lot of useful information from you all. I've got a 2007 Sonata that has started blowing HOT air. It's like the compressor isn't on. In looking for the issue, I looked for blown fuses first because I find it hard to believe that the AC would work fine and then stop working minutes later. Sure enough, I found a blown ACON fuse in the fuse box under the hood. No problem right? Just replace it and everything will be A-OK. WRONG. Every time I replace the fuse and test the AC it blows. I'm thinking maybe something with the relay? Has anyone else had this problem? Where else should I look and/or where might the problem be?
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is your car stock? your radio deck, ANYTHING that has something to with the fuse, its oem stock? not replaced by anything?
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