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I've now had my 2013 Sonata H Turbo now for about a month and a half. I've just cocked in 1000 miles on the OD so, it's still being broken in.

When we were looking at the car on the lot, the sales person said that it was the only car on the market you could get to 75mph (under light loads) solely under battery power. Now, I've tried this myself. I've even turned off the lights, stereo, and the A/C to try and accomplish this task but I can not get it to go over 25 MPH before the engine kicks on. I accelerate very slowly with the car (dispute my fellow motorest giving me the stink eye) and just can not make it happen. I've even tried doing this down a slight grade to assist with acceleration.

This ability is also mentioned in this car and driver article.

My question is, has anyone else been able to replicate this with their car? I'm trying to figure out of there is something truly wrong with my car.
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