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Any interest in Injen CAI?

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Don't ban me please! I will be getting vendor status, just waiting on the admin.

We have recently been approached by Injen Technologies about helping them
find 2011+ Sonata owners in South California for new product development.
At this point in time, they are looking for a 2.0L and 2.4L Sonata, so if
anyone in the SoCal area might be interested in helping Injen produce a
cold air/shot ram intake, please send me a PM with your contact
information and we will put it in the hands of Injen's R&D department. At
the very least, Injen will provide a hefty discount on the new intake when
developed. We can't speak for Injen, but most likely the test vehicle
will receive a complimentary pre-installed intake setup.

Sales Manager
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Just to let everyone know someone from one of the other forums is letting Injen use their car for development of the 2.0T intake, exhaust, and intercooler pipes.

They are still looking for a 2.4L Sonata to test on.
Dang... Wish the car wasn't my grandpas right now or I'd be all over this lol
Need any 2011 2.0T to test on?
Thanks for the offer. Injen released this item a couple of months ago though!
what is the technical functioning behind the performance chips and how they works
What does that have to do with this post?
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