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Ark Performance Exhaust Coming Soon!

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Ok I have been talking to Ark Performance. They have already designed an exhaust for our car, the 2.0T, and are awaiting them to be made. There is no eta on when it will be done, but they are making stuff for us. I have always been a fan of there exhaust sound. They also do a great job of documenting the stock sound of our car, and then taking the new exhaust and documenting it as well. Usually with how much dB each exhaust puts out, and long sound clips. Usually sitting still and driving clips. I can't wait to see what they produced for us. It might be similar to the Genesis coupe exhaust, which you can find clips on youtube. Whenever I receive anymore updates on it I will let you know. I know they are working on suspension as well for our cars.
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Nice! I like the sound of the grip exhaust on the Gen coupe. The YF should be getting more attention... at least more than the NF.
Yea ARK puts out nice stuff. We are a distributor/ dealer for them fyi.
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