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Hi guys I drive a 2011 2.4 l sonata SE. Upon leaving work the other day my car would not start. I jumped it off and it still would not stay on. I knew then it was probably the alternator. I bought a new battery because it cost around the same amount as a tow truck and I probably needed one soon anyway. I drove my car into the dealership just off of the power from the new battery and had the alternator replaced with a new one.

I picked my car up with the new alternator and everything was fine until the battery light came on (it had never come on before even with my bad alternator). I took it back in and they tested the alternator and said it was working properly but for some reason the battery was reading a little lower than a new one should. After about two total hours of driving it over the weekend, it would not crank again. I got my friend to jump me off and drove it back to the mechanic and told him. He said that he thought it could either be the fuse from the alternator to the battery — which he confirmed was fine; or he said it could be the voltage regulator on the alternator. He said since it wasn’t the fuse it had to be the regulator and ordered another brand new alternator and replaced it.

But the battery light is still coming on after about an hour of recharging it completely. He says he doesn’t know what this could be and advises me to take it to the nearest Hyundai dealership which is about an hour away. I am a college student and just paid $600 for the new battery + new alternator and installation. I do not want to have to get it towed an hour away for another $200 especially if it is possibly something simple I could get done here or even do myself. Does anyone have any earthly idea what in the world could be going on??
Please help, thank you.
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