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Hi all. This past sunday my fiance was driving her 2013 Sonata, 2.4L and the car totally shut off on her. She didn't notice any loud knocks or sounds. Just dashboard lighting up and car coasting with no power brakes or steering.
It sounded like the alternator. I replaced it with little diagnosis. Nothing. Tried to jump, nothing. Charged battery, nothing. Replaced battery, nothing.
Removed starter and had it tested. Its working fine.
When I turn the key the engine turns over once and stops. I verified that the engine isn't seized. But it seems to stop in the same place every crank attempt. I'm not a mechanic and my knowledge is limited.
I assume it isn't a gas issue, I can hear the fuel pump turning on in the tank. and I'm not sure how to test the high pressure fuel pump on the top of the motor. I'm sure there are other things I could potentially rule out. But I need some help.
Any thoughts?
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