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I have a 2007 Sonata GL. So tonight after work when getting into car to go home I noticed my CEL came on, also as I was driving at low speeds/rpm I noticed the car really sounded like it has a diesel engine in it. At higher speeds on the highway I noticed it has some loss of power and the diesel sound went away. CEL stayed on.

The CEL light I am pretty sure is the OCV which I havent replaced yet. So my question is: Can the OCV cause the car to sound like a diesel and have loss of power is that caused by something else?

Also does any Kia's cars share the OCV with the Sonata, why? Because I priced a OCV at the Hyundai dealer here where I live and they want like $245 + tax for it. I remember reading somewhere on the forums that the OCV has a TSB for it and people were replacing them for about $100 or less.
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