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Do you want to upgrade the suspension of your Hyundai Sonata and get the perfect balance between performance, ride comfort, and looks? TruHart will help you out! No matter if you simply want to get that stanced look for your daily or improve handling and cornering, TruHart has the right product for you.

Today the company offers an extensive selection of high-performance suspension solutions, including coilovers, control arms, bushing kits, camber kits, lateral arms, lowering springs, and other performance suspension products. They come with everything you need for installation and can easily improve the look and performance of your ride.

TruHart® - Lowering Spring Kit

View the full list of TruHart Products at CARiD: TruHart™ | Coilovers, Camber Kits, Air Suspension Parts —

Get the perfect setup for your driving style with TruHart!
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