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As you know, the cost of aftermarket headlights that look like this can be pretty costly. If you have the time and patience, This Mod is well worth the effort and completely changes the appearance of your front end. After lots of research and completing 4 mods myself, I've put together this set of instructions to help others out. If you're in search for tips like I was, this should answer any questions you might have. *(I DO NOT assume responsibility for the outcome of your mod)*

-3 bolts holding the Headlights in, 2 on top & 1 on the side near radiator.
-1 harness connection
-Remove all caps and bulbs
-Remove top plastic mounting adapter (x4) screws.
-Remove 3 rubber vent tubes
-remove fastener screws (x2) on side edge
-(Some use a heat gun which does require extra care) I chose the oven option for the even heat and it worked great for me!)
-Preheat oven to 225-Place a wet towel on center oven rack and set 1 headlight in oven at a time.
-Set oven timer to 5 min.
-Wear a pair of gloves before removal.
-With a chisel or flat tip, immediately start working at the release of plastic retainer clips and surrounding areas.
-After clips are free, grab one corner of the assembly and try to pry lens and housing apart by hand with excessive force. It should start to slowly break free
-If it is still too difficult, place in oven for an additional 3 mins and re-attempt. Once the lens is free from the housing, push the adhesive back onto the edges because it will spread and droop during separation.
*Prep/Paint (or side marker removal)
-Remove screws holding trim pieces mounted inside of the lens and divide assembly.
-You're now ready to prep for paint, I frog taped off areas where paint was not desired and sanded with a 3000 grit sandpaper to scuff surfaces.
-Paint desired areas (I went with a flat black, have seen some nice color matched ones) let dry.
-Re-assemble lens innards (I chose to leave the side markers out)
-If desired apply new adhesive before assembly, (I chose to re-use existing adhesive which is still going strong for the past 3 months with heavy precipitation & 3 car washes a month)
-If re-using old adhesive, place both separate halves of the unit back in oven @ 225 for 3 mins.
-Remove/watch for stray dirt or debris
-Immediately sandwich both halves together, apply force, re-seat clips.
-place whole assembly back in oven for an additional 3-5 mins to seal the deal.
-Remove from oven re-install two fastening screws on the one side, place C-clamps on the other side if desired and let cool.
-Re-install vent tubes, bulbs, caps etc..
-Install your new lights! :)


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