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Trading in the car so stripping it of its parts. This thread is for the Headlights. Keep in mind these are high quality housings. They are not cheap Spyder or equivilents. The headlights in their stock form are $700 as can be purchased here. Super Eagle Eye Bi Xenon Projector Lens LED DRL Headlights for Hyundai Sonata | eBay

Now for my custom retrofitted set.

-Headlights above - $700
-5500K D2H Bulbs - $40
-5500K OSRAM CBI High Beam Bulbs - $35
-55w FastBright F5 Ballasts - $50
-TRS Dual Relay Harness - $30
-30w Cree LED Turn Signal Bulbs - $45
-2x resistors for non hyper flash - $20
-Blue Demon Eye In Low Beam Projector - $30
-Orange Demon Eye In High Beam Projector - $30
-Tinted Turn Signal Area - $10

With the upgraded 55w ballasts over the stock 35w you're putting out a good bit more amount of light on the road. They will also warm up in a fraction of a second compared to your average ballasts. You will outshine 98% of all other vehicles you drive by. With that being said, kick on the high beams, and say SUNSHINE! With the HID lows + the CBI high in their halogen projector, you're literally lighting up the road like no other. Ive tweaked the projectors to give a very nice color flicker when your eyes come into contact with the lights cutoff.

Ive made this setup ALL plug and play. Nothing is spliced into your OEM wiring, or alters or voids your cars warranty. It is all connect right up.

All of this without the cost of my time is around $1000. I'm looking to get around $800 + shipping. Local pickup is also welcome and i will drive a little distance to meet up. Anywhere in the SE PA \ NJ \ NY \ DE area is welcome. If these are bought within a week i will include some gifts to the buyers like a full sheet of black gloss vinyl wrap, spare 35w ballasts and blue LED strips to do with what they please.

I know im not very active on here, but you can look on Hyundai-Forums, Im a top posting member.

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