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Hey everyone, so I wished that I had gotten on this forum a lot earlier since I used to have a 2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited 2.0T. I was in accident earlier this month, in which I was rear-ended on the freeway. Good thing is that I was ok, but the bad is that my insurance decided that it was a total loss...

So I did a few mods to my car that I had purchased from the K5 Optima Store (David there is awesome btw). I can post or send some pics of the items that I have in a bit. But I just wanted to get this post up. I had the mods for only 2 months as well. At this point I would take any reasonable offer since I need the money to cover a few costs.

I’m sure you guys know roughly how much everything here costs so if you have any reasonable offer that would be appreciated. Also PM me if you want pics of each item. I guess I can’t post them since I’m a new member.

Here’s the list of what I had:

I have the following items:
1) Lap3 Uncle chip
2) HKS 45XL spark plugs... I have 7 of these
3)HKS BOV with flange
4) Add1 Baffled oil catch can
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