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Hi guys,
Just want to introduce the ST800 Push Button Start Smart System with alarm functions.
For those who regret not buying it with Push Button Start option :)

Check below about what it can do~!

Installed in a 350z. I know, I know..:gc-wmscared0016: I'm making one installed in a Hyundai car~
YouTube - ‪ali‬‏
I'm selling it for $390 at my site Wooriel Shop

Shipping and bypass included.
It is 100% manufactured in Korea, very easy to install in KDM cars.
Bypass is included in the package so you won't need any other accessory~!
The package has the following items:
1. One remote key fob
2. Push button start
3. Main controller module
4. RF antenna
5. Digital key pad
6. Shock sensor
7. LF antenna
8. Siren speaker
9. User manual
10. Installation manual
11. Connection lay out
12. Harness
13. Bypass module
You can also buy replacement key fobs, you can program up to 3 key fobs per car.
If you need further information please ask me~ :)

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the key-less entry and start system, albeit fun to use, can be quite troublesome! in my case, the "fob" got disengaged from the "key". cost of mistake cdn $580.00! i now tape the fob and key together! also my wife often leave her purse (with key inside) in the trunk and lock the car! can't get back in! what happens when you leave the car running and go back to the house (with key in pocket) to retrieve something you forgot???

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I have a 2011 Hyundai sonata and it has the push button start my problem isnt that the car wont start because it does. My problem is that when i do start it there is this loud sound almost like the alarm system and it doesnt stop when it first started happening it was every once in awhile then it started to do it a couple times a day now its been everyday for the past week i cant even drive it. My neighbor came by to listen to it and says that he believes its an electrical problem in my push to start where do i even begin to fix this problem?
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