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FS: Window visors for sale!! New in box!!

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I have new sonata window visors for sale, also have for 2002 style sonata.....asking $35 shipped

Text Me you're paypal email and I will send a money request
714 904 2007

Also have visors for sportage, santa fe, elantra, sorrento

Let me know what you need, these are box visors that go on all 4 side windows to protect from wind and rain, not to mention they look good too......thanks for looking!
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Price mistake!

$30 shipped!!
you forgot what year it is made for.. 2011+? or 2007-2010?

and do you mind posting the pics of the visor? thanks
im interested after we get to see them

We have new windos idea search google and anothers site.

classified website
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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