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Genesis Coupe 19" wheels on sonata..?

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hmm seriously thinking of switching over to 19" gen coupe wheels
i know there was 2 or 3 guys on hyundai-forums that had it done to their cars, but rather than going staggered im thinking of custom ordering a set of rear 8.5 wide pair even for the fronts... (i have 15mm spacers rear) so i can run 8.5 all around...

it looks hella awesome thats for sure

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Actually looks a lot better then I would've thought. Bet they'd look even better in black (powder-coated) though :D:

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you guys dont carry oem wheels right?
you guys dont carry oem wheels right?
Sorry, we don't carry that.
anyone find any prices on this, im actually looking to get some new wheels, i feel i dont have enough grip in the front.
try forums buysell! they have soo many for sale used for cheap!

oh also, i know that sold these for $299/piece but their prices for items are marked pretty high compared to many other places...
try forums buysell! they have soo many for sale used for cheap!

oh also, i know that sold these for $299/piece but their prices for items are marked pretty high compared to many other places...
+1 Best place to get them.
ok i will def check it out, cause i wanna get a nice wheel, and wide, idk if i want two sets still or just use one
they look fresh but i would stick with what you have, dont become a *****!
Hey jpark,
I'm one of the guys from hyundai-forums that has the gen coupe wheels. Although I got mine "gifted" from a buddy with gen coupe, i managed to find some on had the 18's and the genesis sedan wheels on there too. I think the 19's were priced at $279.99 each
^dude! i knew your username was familiar, i dont know if you remember but i went by as downhiller88 on hyundai-forums and i got banned from that dumbass v33sonata

anyways, thanks for the info man
Yes I remember. I recognized your car :) I wasn't sure what happened there. I was off the site for a while (got too busy) and when I had logged on a while ago I noticed that you had been banned. Oh well...whatever. site was pretty dead anyway apart from some newbies asking same questions over and over got boring so I looked for something else. BTW on the Genesis Coupe 19's. The 8.5 inch in the front is going to stick out a bit from the fender. I had the stock gen coupe setup with the 225/40/19 on the 8 inch and the 245/40/19 on the 8.5 inch. the 8.5 rubbed in the back so I moved them to the front for a little while until I got new tires. Now I have 225/40/19 all around and moved the 8.5 to the back. much better, cleaner look now. No spacers either. Much more of a stock look. I guess it will depend on what size tire you put on.
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that shouldnt be a problem, my rear fenders are rolled AND pulled out slightly to fit my 19x9.5 wheel WITH 15mm spacers, so wont be an issue
Can someone tell me if the 1st and 3rd pic (White Sonata) is on all (4) 8.5 wide tires? How low is the drop? I've always loved the Gen Rims and soon I will own a set :/
Hey Jpark (Downhiller)! It's good to see you again. It was dead as soon as you got canned from the other site.

Here and there I go to the gen coupe forums to check on prices for used Rims. Now, you gave me the idea for Gen seats (ah ya yi)
Is it too late to post in this thread? I could really use some help..
I have tried to look through the forums for the answer but I'm not seeing it all.
I have a 2007 Sonata Limited (V6,3.3) and was just gifted 2010 Genesis RSpec Rims (19"x8.5" Fronts & 19"x9" Rears).
My questions are these:
Will they bolt right on?
Will I need spacers for a level or balanced look?
Will I be able to rotate the tires front to back at all?
Tire Recommendations for good all around driving?

I apologize for being a newb about things but as Dale Carnegie stated, "Every man is my better, this is how I learn from them" and as automotive is not my specialty, i thought the worst thing i can do is ask.

Thank You all for your wisdom in advance for any help.
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