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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in paying to have some headlight mods done to their car. A buddy and myself are doing it locally currently, but would have no problem with starting to do it over shipping. The options are up to you if anyone shows interest, it will be at a reduced price in the beginning, so jut shoot me a pm.
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how good is the reliability for your work though... infact how good is yours?
and do you absolutly guarantee 100% no condensation?
100% guarantee my ans my friends work, no problems, no condensation
Hey Totally,

New to the forum here. Saw that you are offering headlight mods. What kinda work are you doing? Are you doing blackouts, LED's? I am also located in NJ. Let me know your pricing and available services and maybe we can work something out!
if anything thing is wrong were gonna fix it before they go back to you we paint what ever color you want and what ever part you want. no chips, scratches, condensation and we clean the entire lens and assemble it back correctly. the only thing that can be messed up is the other person take the light out or putting it back in
is this fogging of the lites a problem on the 2011s?
^what are you talking about? op is telling everyone that he is able to make modifications to headlights, not discussing fogging issues...
you are correct it has nothing to do with fogging, just mods and i guarantee the work
Even on 09-10 models? Would you be able to take out the orange reflectors?
^its the same process as the 06-08 headlights i believe
I just purchased a new set of headlights for our 05 GLS. I was wondering if you might be interested in the old set. You could recondition them and resell them. If interested I will keep the box the new ones come in and repackage the old set in it. If you would at least pay the shipping, I will send them to you. (I am in Oklahoma)

Does anyone live close enough to Totallynormal1 that they could throw a rock at his window or sumpthin?:) I really would like to get in touch with him. I have a set of 05 headlights that I would like to see if he wants to refurbish and resell.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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