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Hello from AZ

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Looks like this forum is pretty new, but being the the YF sonata is pretty new, I'm sure it will grow. Anyway, my names Cody, I live in Arizona and I'm a recent owner of a 2003 Hyundai tiburon GT which is currently under partout. I personally do not own a sonata but my grandpa just bought a 2011 Hyundai sonata and put my name on it in case anything were to happen to him, it would be mine without having to fight for it.

Anyway, he bought the Sonata used with only 17,000 miles on it and it is still in brand new condition. It's a white 2.4L automatic with tan interior and I have some great plans for it (as much as I can do while it's his and more when it's mine)

Well thanks for having me and hope to have a good time here!
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Just thought I'd post a small list of things I'm going to be interested in doing to the car and I'll have pics of the car up a little later...

LED Headlights with black housing
LED Taillights (possibly nightshaded)
Eyelines (possibly through NIA if they decide to make some)
Black aftermarket front grill
Rear emblem removal
Lip Kit (front, sides and rear)

Cold-Air Intake
Cat-Back Exhaust

*Wheel, Tire & Suspension*
Front Strut Bar
Coilovers or strut/springs system
18-19" Black wheels

The car also did not come with a sunroof or fog lights so both of those will be installed (professionally of course lol) and I saw some kind of LED thing you can buy for your fodlights that I wanna look at too...
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Welcome to the forums. Take at look at our website when you have a minute, we sell most of those products.
Thanks Brandon! I was actually already looking through IS and noticed a lot of it. So hopefully later on, I'll be able to do some business with you!
K I got some photos. Cell phone pics for now but it should work till get get some better ones...

The only thing I don't like about the car as of right now is the stupid hubcaps and how it doesn't have dual exuhaust lol but that'll have to wait till the car is actually mine when I get headers, cat-back dual exhaust and cold air intake.
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welcome, im assuming you are on nt, fun forum thats for sure, but its also infested with alot of riced out tiburons LOL

hope yours isnt :D

06tiburonofdoom has one of the nicest tiburons on that forum, my all time favorite :)
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Yeah I'm on there. Username is TuscaniGTFL. And yes, tylers tiburon is on the top for one of the best. I personally wouldn't say mine was riced out at all lol
Here's a link to my car domain..
I didn't do as much work as I wanted to do the the tiburon but the stupid clutch kept going out and I didn't wanna mess with it anymore so that's why I started parting it out.
nice, looks clean, definatly not rice at all. but yeah the tiburon 6spd clutch must be killing you eh?
Exactly, that's what it was. So I tried selling it s a whole, couldn't get any buyers(cause at the time some of it wa sanded down, cause I was wanting to ge it repainted) and that's when I put it up for part out, the entire car. And the good thing is... I already made more than what I had it up for sale or and still hav some parts left.
Almighty, got the HIDs installed. 35w 6000k from
Will get some pics tonight!
Next on the list is a black front grille, fog lights (can't forget the HIDs for those :)), black fog light covers and black wheels (most likely mesh style, not sure if I want 18 or 19").

Lowering and lip kit will have to wait till the car is actually mine as well as shaded tails and black housed LED headlights.
Ok and the hid pic is up! I can officially say that this is my very first mod!
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