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Just joined as I am about to take delivery of 2012 Sonata's, a GLS for me and a Limited for the Mrs.:D

Looked at Optima's and Accords. Couldn't find a Kia dealer that I could work, they were boldly putting $2K of junk in additional dealer markup next to the sticker.:eek:

So it came down to Honda vs Hyunda. The Honda dealer had a lot of Accord inventory... and there is a reason... they aren't the best sedan out there any longer. The GLS w/ 2.4 GDI mill and 6 spd auto was much more powerful and fun to drive, not to mention the GLS Sonata has many more bells and whistles than an Accord LX-P.

So what are the issues with the 2012's? What are the must have accessories?

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