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My name is rene and i figured i'd join this site since i've decided to start moding my wife 2006 sonata (original owner) which is the 6 GLS. I figured i'd learn a bit more about the car (goods and bads) to determine if i should start buying parts for a car that is (or isnt) worth keeping.

So far we've replaced all the recall items and also a window regulator (for a window that was probably rolled down 4 times out of the 7yrs owned). Hopefully there isnt going to be any more misc. items [that shouldnt need replacing] needing replacing.

My background history is modding honda's, and a nissan, for the passed 14yrs. I've done, seen and bashed pretty much every trend that has hit from then until now. I pretty much will mod anything with wheels lol. Also i'm pretty blunt (which i'll try to control) and speak my mind, I know people these days are very sensitive so dont take it wrong i'm just telling you my opinion/truth :) other than that, hopefully i will become some what active on this site gathering info and ideas for the wifes sonata
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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