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Hi All!
My son owns and drives a 2013 Sonata SE, mileage around 65K.
A few days ago, I get a frantic call, that as he was leaving a plaza parking spot, the car was reluctant to move and was difficult to steer, so he got out to check the wheels.
What he found was that one wheel had turned, and one had remained straight. Keeping in mind that as a computer expert he could use an old radio to land the space shuttle on the head of a pin, but if it doesn't have a keyboard attached, he is CLUELESS, I had to stop him from driving the car to my house to show me!
Anyway, I grabbed my tools and headed out to inspect the problem. What I found had me shaking my head in disbelief! I had figured it to be a tie rod issue, but I am STILL confused as I try to understand how this could physically happen: The right outer tie rod was disconnected from the inner tie rod while the ball joint end was still intact and secured to the knuckle!!
The jam nut was on the inner tie rod, so I ran to Advance Auto Parts in the same plaza, bought and installed a new outer tie rod.
Can someone please explain how this disconnect could happen, and is the car safe with the original inner and replacement outer tie rod?
Thanks in advance for your much valued support and advice!
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