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Help with buying

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I am looking very seriously at buying a Sonata for my daily driver. I could use some input though. I will be moving from a 2000 Olds Intrigue. I see where I can't 'order' a car, but have to find what I want on the lot somewhere.

1. I hate buying cars. Do the dealers deal on these cars? How much can I try to get off MSRP? 10%, 20%, none?

2. My other cars all have automatic AC/heat. It seems the only way to get this is with SE2.0T or Limited,std engine? Don't really need or want leather seats.

3. Is the 2.0T worth it or stay with the std engine?

4. There does not seem to be many 'options'. Any options really worth it? Any got to have?

5. Probably would want one in either of the 2 blues (indigo and pacific pearl).

6. Are there any 'Super' dealers? Ones that work through Internet. I am not adverse to traveling to get a car of my choice.

I have not researched all info. So please forgive if some of this seems basic or I am even wrong. BTW, was also comparing with Nissan Altima. Seems Sonata is cheaper, similarly equipped.

Any other buying advice.

BTW, if I buy I will certainly use this forum. I find them very valuable.

Thanks for the help
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Hey Al. I'll give the bad news first, post info for you, then offer a suggestion:

These cars are HOT right now. The local dealer here in West Palm Beach is selling for $3500 over sticker. CRAZY !!! The Sonata plant in Montgomery added an additional full shift a few months ago to keep up with demand.

The good news is that all the Hyundai dealers I've dealt with over the years have been quite good with service. That may change as the company grows and they develop a larger customer base, but up to now any issues I've had from initial purchase to warranty claims has been pain free.

These cars are fairly well equipped in base trim, and quite well sorted out for driving dynamics (though steering is rather light). As far as the basics you want, the GLS has cloth, auto, A/C, power windows, locks, etc. For a few extra sheckles you can get a preferred equipment package that upgrades you from steel wheels, adds bluetooth for hands free phone operation, and satellite radio if you want it, plus a few more items.

The standard engine has 200hp, plenty IMHO, and I have the exact car we've just spec'd out (GLS with preferred equipment package) in Pacific Blue.


Shop online for the car you want.,, and others will help price a car for you and have the dealers contact you to meet the price with options you may select. Convenient, reliable, no surprises. If the dealer tried to pull a fast one, just walk out the door.

If you have difficulty getting a deal, visit your local Ford dealer. The Fusion is a VERY nice set of wheels (particularly with the V-6) for a comparable price of a Sonata these days, and the driving dynamics are probably the best of any car on the road right now - including BMW, Mercedes, Audi. Phenominal car. Extremely reliable.

The Focus is also an outstanding ride and also extremely reliable, just a bit smaller than the Sonata - and perhaps for a better price than a Sonata. Drive the Focus first. I drove one and though the handling was great, I didn't like the behavior of the automatic transmission.
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