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I just got home, and when i pulled up to my garage i realized that my right headlight is out, so i will be ordering a hid kit tomorrow from ddm tuning just wondering what you guys think, i will be getting a kit in 35w, should i go with 6000k or 8000k. I personally like the hint of blue, but i don't know if 8k is too much. Also i got my camera back so ill be taking more pics, like before and afters.
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currently running 6k 35w, but now i'm regreting not going with the 4300k factory oem colour, as I'm slowly starting to fall in love with the oem cleaness rather than aftermarket tackyness.. but yeah 6k isnt too bad either, my friend is running ddm kit in his car and so far so good in reliability wise (year and half now)
ordered up, let ya know when its in
ordered up, let ya know when its in
OOO I would have suggest BavToys to u if u would have asked for a reference.

DDM Posted in the BMW Forum last month they are changing faces and getting out of the HID kits completely in the near future. Seems they are having trouble getting their kits through the US Borders. For that reason don't be surprised if it takes another 2 weeks to arrive...
well my friends and i have used them in the past, and their hids were taken off the site a few months ago for some reason and now are back up, can you post up a link to the bmw post, cause i read one a few days ago but it was from 2009 when they said they were going to leave
for those of you who have HIDs installed already. do they mess with the radio? In my avalanche if you turn the HIDs on the radio goes to a bunch of static and if you turn them off back to clear as day. With my 11 sonata i dont want to f that up so have been weary of getting HIDs.
no problems with mine... perhaps the wattage for your hid you used for the avalance was a pretty high kit? or something was wrong with the wiring.. its not suppose to do that at all
About to install some ddm tuning 35w 6000k HIDs in the YF sonata tonight, I get some pics when I can
About to install some ddm tuning 35w 6000k HIDs in the YF sonata tonight, I get some pics when I can
How long did it take to arrive and did you buy it from DDM tuning?
They're pretty quick, I can't remember how long it actually took but I know I remember thinking "dang that was fast"
bought mine 35w slim ballast w/ 6000k from DDM Tuning
works fine.. has the hint of blue in it. didn't get it shipped because i went to the store to get mine. i think it was around 40 dollars w. tax.
i got mine in maybe maybe just over a week, i got the 35w 6k, installed them already, and they look awesome, it came to 62.11 when all said and done, i got mounting brackets, and the wiring harness.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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