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Home Depot DIY front lip....

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I posted on the other forums but i will as well on here...

Sounds silly huh, well it may sound silly but it sure does look awesome and even provides protection for lowered cars... (front bumper scrapage)

What you need:
3M tape (make sure its 3M.. others are garbage)
Rubber Garage Door Bottom Sealer
Screws and screwdriver/drill(not neccessary but if you want maximum perfection)

here are the progress pics..

Go to Home Depot or any hardware stores.. and pick a roll of Garage Door Bottom Sealant..

3m tape is MANDATORY.

This is how i put the tape... just Straighhhhhht along

Try 'testing' on a shelf pretending its the bumper so you can get the hang of it

How it looks from bottom... in my case, i used 4 screws to secure it 100%. 2 on very end and 2 in middle but it is not necessary

i trimmed the end of the sealer, like this... so it can look more clean, but it is all up to you


P.S: please note that these pictures are very old before my car was even on coilovers.. and cleared headlights..
i have had this garage door lip ever since the day the pics were taken which i believe was in march of 2010.. till now. And have to say i have had absolutly NO problem
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looks good, did you stick the 3m on the fat or thin side of the garage door thing?
i put the tape on the fat side.. ive seen couple people who taped the skinnier side and it looks kinda wierd with the fat side being visible
i feel like the fat is to much on a lowered car, but might work on the stock height, any thoughts? how many screws u put in to hold it on?
i put in 4 screws... and trust me fat side looks wierd, because afterall its just a foam rubber garage door sealer...

the slight hint of skinny side gives nice taste.. the fat side provides... too much rubber visibility, but of course its just IMO
ok, i guess, when im not broke anymore i will be doing this to my car as well
Looks great. I think DIY mods are some of the best because you feel so rewarded when they come out the way you want.
two of my buddies actually made shifters from super mario mushrooms they bought from bed bath and beyond
^ Lol yes I'd like to see pics of that too.
Wow that looks surprisingly good. Not that Id do it, but kudos!
Nice! I don't think I've been to any other forum and not seen this DIY done lol but still nice for the price.
yea i know right? so famous that these terds are even trying to sell it on ebay as a "splitter for hyundai"
HYUNDAI CUSTOM Bumper Lip Splitter TIBURON SONATA AZERA on (item 270662240840 end time 09-Jun-11 02:01:13 EDT)

notice the picture of my car they used without my authorization as well -__-
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Haha yeah I've seen that before. But the one ive seen was universal "for any car" lol
so i should not have bought this from lowes??????
And i thought i was getting a steal
Looks really good and a money saver. I may try this on my Sonata AND my GCoupe!
two of my buddies actually made shifters from super mario mushrooms they bought from bed bath and beyond
Pics or BAN! lol :)
Props to JPark though that lip looks amazing! Looks like im gonna have to pay a trip to the local hardware store this weekend :p
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