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2014 HSH Limited, black. With rear vents and heated seats (rare)! 165,000 km (103,000 miles) :)
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I have a 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited. I am having trouble finding front strut assemblies (except from the dealer, those are expensive). I found a set on Ebay that explicitly lists it as compatible with my vehicle on the product page. However, when I plug my VIN into Ebay, Ebay tells me it isn't compatible. I've had the same problem on other sites before.
I messaged the seller about the discrepancy, and they replied: It fits the 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited with front-facing stabilizer mounts, not the model with rear-facing stabilizer mounts.
I wasn't aware that there were two different versions of my vehicle. Without taking it to a mechanic, is there a way I can use my VIN or other info to ascertain which version I have?
Thanks so much
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