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I sold my 2012 Hyundai Sonata SE Turbo late last year. Once I sold it realized I had a TON of parts that I had bought for the car but never got around to installing. I am sick of looking at it all so I want to get rid of them locally. I am willing to work with someone. I would like to get rid of all of it at once if possible. Maybe I could split up some of the big stuff, but I would prefer not to sell the smaller items in pieces. I have been trying to sell this stuff on craigslist but didn't get a single "real" bite. I am sure there is a new or current Sonata owner out there that could use this stuff. All of it is brand new never used parts.

PM me if interested. I am willing to sell everything for one price too so let me know ;) I live in Rockville, MD right outside of DC

1. $150 (obo) Black Zinc front and rear drilled slotted rotors. Brand new in the box, have original receipt. I purchased this as a set but never got around to installing it. Bought from brake performance dot com (can't post links)

2. $150 (obo) IXION full body kit. I purchased this with the hopes of installing it but I couldn't afford the body work at the time. I seem to have lost the box that came with the fake exhaust tips and screws. My car had the dual exhaust option so I was planning to dremmel the exhaust holes anyway.

3. FREE with purchase of body kit XENON headlight package. It comes with a pair of 6000K bulbs, pair of slim ballasts & wiring harness. The item is brand new but it was sent to me as a warranty item and I never installed it. I have the original recipept but there isn't a warranty anymore so install at your own risk. $180 value

Misc items all brand new never used

Pair of H8 LED Fog light replacement bulbs

Daytime running light LED strips

Passenger Side Wiper blade - U8890 00018 New OEM stock

Driver Side Wiper blade - U8890 00026 New OEM stock

Cabin Filter - 3SF79 AQ000 New OEM stock

F20 Turbo emblem from Hyundai performance

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Hyundai Sonata SE limited


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