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Hyundai BlueLink Set To Rival OnStar, Appear In Sonata And Veloster

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Hyundai is taking a bold step into the world of in-car telematics with their BlueLink system. Much like GM's OnStar, BlueLink can provide directions, schedule servicing, remotely lock or unlock the car doors, notify emergency services in case of a crash and remotely start the car, with the ability to pre-heat or cool the vehicle based on your preferences.

Other cool (and slightly spooky) features include an automatic slowdown feature in case your vehicle is reported stolen and being pursued by the police, and a feature known as "geofencing" that sends the driver a text message of the vehicle strays outside of a demarcated area. Looks like breaking curfew will be a thing of the past for children of Hyundai owners.

BlueLink will initially roll out on the Sonata and a "youth-focused model" (aka the Veloster) this summer, but will extend to the entire Hyundai range by 2013.

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i personally love the veloster.. solid little cars
looks like it will be able to bypass onstar being it is in with the radio unless im missing something.
They need to bring this system to the Genesis Coupe as well.
i think that if it gets positive ratings they will bring it to all the cars
Lol I downloaded the app for my iPhone thinking it would with my Sonata. Being you have to login to your MyHyundai account. :( I thought I was cool! I guess you also have to pay for the bluelink service and attach it with MyHyundai.
Last thing I heard when I went to my local car dealer was that these will be available on the 2012 Sonata's as a standard feature, however yes you will have to pay for the service. They have several plans to choose from depending on your preference and features you want. On a downsize, the dealer told me that the BlueLink will NOT be as of right now as an aftermarket device where you can install on the 2011 or older models. The BlueLink system will come already installed from the manufacturer for the 2012 cars as a standard feature.
Blue Link came on our 2012 Sonata free for 3 months but it will cost an arm and a leg after that. If I am reading correctly the first 2 levels are $50/mo and the 3rd is $79 but you must take thr first two to get the 3rd for a total of $178. I also downloaded the app to my cell phone but was unable to log in.Called and learned that "Sorry, your LG Optimus is not one of the phones we support". We love our new Sonata and have a fantastic dealer and salesman but Blue Link seems to be a great but "No Thanks" item.
Thanks for the info Eddie. Its neat to have, but not for that price.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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