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Recalls are never a happy occasion at car companies, so when record recalls occur, usually some heads will roll. In this case the unlucky execs that resigned (unclear if this was willfully or not) were Hyundai president of research and development Kwon Moon Sik, and two other execs.

Hyundai/Kia recently recalled over 1.7 million vehicles over defective stop lamp switches. The company is concerned for its reputation in the US, especially considering they are already thought of as making cheap cars with poor quality control.

Lee Sang Hyun, an analyst at NH Investment & Securities Co. told Bloomberg, "Hyundai is probably trying to refresh the atmosphere before the launch of its new models to show it cares about its quality. Hyundai has seen how poor quality control has hurt business at Toyota and other automakers and will try to avoid being the center of such attention at all costs."

Personally, I don't see some people leaving the company really helping with quality control. It matters more who they replace them with, and even then implementation of now policies would not be immediate.
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