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After three months of delays due to a last-minute fix to its pedestrian warning system, 1,550 Hyundai Sonata Hybrids are due at U.S. dealers any day now.

Hyundai said about 900 Sonata Hybrids are now in port, and 650 more are on their way. Supposedly a few were delivered in January, but Ward's Auto reports that dealers say "no one has them."

Hyundai told AutoGuide today that the Sonata Hybrid's pedestrian warning system needed to be modified so it is always on. Initially, the it had an on/off switch.

Already there are similar conflicts cropping up about pedestrian warning systems, as automakers grapple with varying rules around the world. In January this year President Obama signed a new law to study and then mandate some form of pedestrian warning system on hybrids and electric cars in coming years.

Anticipating the U.S. law mandating always-on pedestrian warning sound emitter, Hyundai said it proactively modified its 2011 model, potentially years in advance of when rules will actually be handed down.

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