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I have hyundai sonata, 2008 sedan (V4, automatic). Yesterday my car suddenly broke on a highway, local mechanic told me it was fuel pump so he replaced fuel pump and strainer ($300)(purchased from autoparts) however he showed me that because of excessive heat, somehow the electrical circuit burned so it needs FUEL PUMP ASSEMBLY too to get it fixed completely which can only bought from a dealer. I contacted local autocare (a national chain) and he tried to get the assembly unit from dealers but of no luck. Finally he got hold from outsider and told me it would cost $1500-1800 to have that assembly since there aren't much available.

I called the dealer and he told me that it would cost $500 (part) and $300 for the labor but need to see the car and the it would take more than a week to get that part.

I am bit confused at this point because if I take it to dealer they might come up with a different quote and at the same time $1800 from that local autocare doesn't appear to be real. Please help me with your recommendation.

Thank you

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